How to Install WordPress On cPanel 2021

How to Install WordPress On cPanel 2021

cPanel is a very friendly user base platform. You can easily understand and use the cPanel. In this article, you can learn how to install WordPress on cPanel in the following steps.

How to install WordPress on Cpanel

If your hosting provider is not providing direct installation of WordPress. You can install it from cPanel using Softaculous. you have to log in to the cPanel with credentials.

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1-Login on cPanel

You have to login into cPanel. You will see the following image and then log in.

how to install WordPress on cPanel

2- Find Softwares portion:

You have to find the software portion in the cPanel dashboard. This portion is available mostly bottom of the page. In this, you have to select Softaculous Apps Installer.

Softaculous in cPanel

3- Now Find WordPress:

You have to type WordPress in the left sidebar. You will find WordPress. Select the WordPress from sidebar.

look for wordpress in softaculous

select the WordPress icon.

select WordPress

From the menu you have to click on “Install”.

Now you have to choose from quick install or custom install. Form appears differently for both options.

Installing WordPress

Next, you have to specify the URL where you want to install the WordPress.

filling up the form to install WordPress

Next, you have to fill in username, password etc and press the install button. That’s it your Worpress Installed.

If you want to download WordPress manually. You have to download the WordPress from here

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